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9 Design Trends That Are Here to Stay
Published December 14, 2018 | By

No two homes are ever alike — nor should they be! Every homeowners has unique tastes, preferences, and needs. Still, when most homeowners approach us for a home remodel of their space, they are looking for two things above all else: A home that is both modern and timeless. In this month’s blog post, we’ll… View Article

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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Through Architectural Design
Published September 25, 2018 | By

Improving your home through architectural design means remodeling your home with a focus on beauty, layout, and function. Our philosophy is that the best spaces are built when the design-build process begins with experienced award-winning architects and architectural design. This starts the foundation of a successful project and is the first piece in the puzzle… View Article

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8 Reasons Home Additions Are Worth It
Published June 29, 2018 | By

What do you do when your family outgrows your house? Or when the unique features you once found appealing aren’t so appealing anymore? Moving is not the only (or even the best) answer! Instead, it might be time to consider a home addition. As Boston’s trusted design and remodeling firm, we’ve helped hundreds of people… View Article

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Vitruvius, the Design-Builder: Lost in Translation
Published June 28, 2018 | By

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, known as Vitruvius, was a Roman architect who wrote a classic book called Ten Books on Architecture around 20 BC. However, he was much more than an architect in the modern sense of the word—he was a design-builder. Vitruvius is often quoted, and his book is credited for initiating a return to… View Article

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The Design Build Show Episode 8 with Ryan Gross
Published June 25, 2018 | By

New England Design & Construction’s David Supple talks with Ryan Gross from Kate Ann Designs. Go behind the scenes of the show and learn how Ryan’s company pulls off their beautiful landscape design and construction business. To learn more about Dave and the entire NEDC team, visit our team page or follow us on Facebook!… View Article

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