December 9, 2013

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For our first day if DIY we are going to start with an NEDC classic- the tomato cage Christmas tree! Originally posted in 2010, we gave received wide acclaim for the project, as it provides a beautiful result for under $10. Tomorrow we’ll show you another way to create an alternative Christmas tree that we haven’t shown you before!

Step 1.) Obtain a tomato cage, some Xmas lights, and perhaps a pot to place them in (pot optional, drpending on your style.

Step 2.) Flip the tomato cage upside down.


Step 3.) String the lights around the tomato cage, and voila! Instant Christmas tree!


Step 4.) Place assembled tree in pot, if desired.

Completed Light Tree

Completed Light Tree

So easy!

Stay tuned every day for a new Do-It-Yourself tutorial, including crafty things you can do with cinnamon sticks, some delicious recipes, more Christmas tree ideas, some non-denominational DIY projects, and more!



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