August 1, 2017

Kitchen storage inspiration!

Kitchen storage is very important to keep your cabinets, drawers, and pantry in order. Nobody can enjoy a disorderly kitchen! How are you supposed to have fun making holiday cookies when you don’t know where the stand mixer went? Here are 6 great ways to keep your kitchen organized, and turn it from a place where cans go to die into the true heart of the home. The key is to create a place where every item you need has a home, and you can find them easily. It’s a bonus if things are easy to clean up and care for, and even better when your counters are clutter-free!

Strategies for keeping your kitchen storage organized and clean:

1.) Organize your drawers

Have you ever spend a half hour trying to find the one implement that gives you perfect lemon zest? I have. And then, I just got frustrated, and used another implement that gave very sub-par results. Interior drawer organizers could have saved me that agony, if I had some. If you always know where to look for something, you’ll always find it!

drawer organization kitchen storage

kitchen storage from The Grey Home

kitchen storage from

2.) Keep clutter off the counters

Keeping appliances, bottles, spices, knives, and other commonly used items off of your counter make it easier to keep your space clean. There are many ways to do this, but the number one idea is to give everything a home. Wall-hung storage can make a really big difference for commonly-used items. Customized cabinets and pull-outs can also help alleviate the clutter that occurs on most kitchen surfaces. This way, when you use the cinnamon quickly, you can put it right back where it came from, instead of leaving it lying loose on the counter. The things you use most often should be within arms reach, with the things you use less often can be hidden away in a drawer.

wall hung kitchen storage

Use wall-hung storage containers and organizers to keep your counters clutter-free!


bottle kitchen storage

Pull-out bottle storage for commonly used condiments can be very helpful. Those bottles don’t work well in the shorter cabinet shelf space! Having them right next to where you use them is key.


pull out kitchen storage

Wider pull-out spice racks can provide additional storage for items like snack baggies, garbage bags, or other storage needs. Things used the most should go on the top, with less often used items on the bottom.

3.) Skip the lazy susan in the corner cabinet

The lazy susan is probably the most frutrating element of most kitchens. They never turn right, and just collect dust and debris. There are a lot of other storage solutions for kitchen corners that are much more effective, and make it a lot easier to reach less-often used items, instead of having to basically crawl inside your dark cabinets to locate items. Check out this awesome solution for those pesky corner cabinets that nobody can ever reach:

This is another option:

corner cabinet kitchen storage

corner cabinet kitchen storage

corner cabinet kitchen storage

4.) Give all your appliances a home.

Store the things you use often, like a toaster, somewhere easy to access daily. The heavy stand mixer you only bring out during the holidays can be stored away, and pulled out when needed. Whenever possible, make the home of any appliance somewhere that is out-of-sight, but still easy to access.

appliance garage kitchen storage

Do you see the toaster? It’s hidden!


appliance garage swing door kitchen storage

This appliance garage has a lift-up cabinet front to disguise commonly used kitchen appliances. Makes clean-up a breeze!


kitchen storage from Country Living

This lift-up storage solution for the heavy stand-mixer is a baker’s dream. You never have to pick it up to put it away safely!


kitchen storage from Better Homes and Gardens

Being able to pull out and up appliance storage can really aid in making your kitchen effortless and organized.

5.) Keep kitty clutter out of the way!

Pets have become part of our everyday lives in our homes. Those of us with little four-legged friends are very used to stepping in food and water bowls. Usually, they end up in the kitchen, but really have no home there. Cat litter boxes are also a designer’s nightmare: where do you put them? One solution is a hidden kitty litter pull-out storage, with a cat door for the cat to use!

kitty litter kitchen storage

Custom cat drawer with kitty litter box and trash side by side. Cat can enter through cat door below the bench!

Additionally, the kitchen island is a great place to create a little feeding nook.

pet food kitchen storage

Pet water and food nook underneath the island with a power outlet and optional lighting. No more tripping over the water bowl!

6.) Organize those floor-to-ceiling pantries: pull-outs are the best!

Great pantry space is useless without the proper storage for them. While those floor to ceiling cabinets are excellent, when they’re devoid of storage solutions it is easy to loose cans towards the back that you don’t find until you move out.

Keep it organized with segmented storage areas, and pull-out drawers to easily find things in the back.

pantry drawer kitchen storage

Drawers are key in pantry storage solutions.


pantry kitchen storage

Also, it’s great when all those little things are hidden away!

Any of these ideas could help you with your next kitchen renovation. The ones we’ve focused on help eliminate clutter in the kitchen, and create solutions based on what you use the most. When designing your kitchen, take a look at some of these kitchen storage options!



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