November 4, 2010

Nov 4, 2010
By New England Design and Construction

Holiday window boxes are a unique and aesthetic way to add festive décor to your home’s exterior

We think any New England resident would agree, there is no time or place like this region’s holiday season. A truly magical time of year filled with joy, laughter and warmth. Your home should be an embodiment of these traits. This is why we took the time to compile these tips to help make your home a home for the holidays!

1. Layer window treatments to make a room cozier.

2. By using area rugs which bring out the walls in common areas, you welcome visitors to a warm setting.

3. Accessorize that mantle using garland, red ribbon and small white lights. This helps to create a simple yet sophisticated ambience.

4. Holiday card holders made from wire bent to shapes of spirals and columns are a more modern touch.

5. Centerpieces can be made very easily. By using an array of candles, you can mix in faux leaves, grasses and small red flowers to create wonder in your guests.

6. Dress up an existing corner plant with a few strings of small lights, which makes it easier than removing it from the room.

7. Exchange framed art above a fireplace for a holiday wreath made by placing a pre-made garland on top of a large wire frame and holding it in place with florist’s wire. Add juniper, sugared berries and glass ornaments and hang a pair of old ice skates on the side to make a statement about the fun of outdoor winter sports.

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