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Who We Are


New England Design and Construction is a collaboration of bright, passionate, and creative individuals who firmly believe that well-designed and constructed spaces can lift your spirit.


How We Work


We accomplish this with a unique process that combines your vision with our design acumen and construction knowledge. This enables us to create the best possible space both functionally and aesthetically. Through complete planning and attention to detail, we can help you perfect your recent purchase, create additional space for a growing family, or remodel an existing space to evolve with your needs. Request a free design consultation today and allow us to begin lifting your spirit through our design-build process.


What We Believe


We’re pretty excited about the work that we do, and we want to make sure that the lives we’re touching are positively impacted by the changes that we make to their environments. In this manner, we live by the mission statement: “lifting spirits with spaces“. We feel strongly that the work that we do for our clients improves their lives, and the delivery process that we follow allows us to create amazing spaces that change lives.

NEDC has also spent a significant amount of time exploring the type of business practices we wish to conduct, the type of employees we want to attract, and the type of company culture we want to foster. We have come up with a list of our top ten beliefs, which we strive to adhere to as well as our “core values”, which we are evolving to fit the type of company that we are growing in to.

Our Core Value:

  1. Embrace Accountability and Do what’s Right

Our Mission:

  1. Lifting Spirits with Spaces

Our Vision:

  1. Lead the Way to Better Buildings by Spearheading the DesignBuild Movement

We Believe In…

  1. Lifting spirits with the spaces that we create, because our environment has a profound effect on our well-being and quality of life

  2. Using the design-build process as the most efficient, responsible, and accountable way to deliver a project.

  3. Leading the way in perpetual growth, innovation and learning, and the continuous strive for perfection.

  4. Being immersed in your passion as the only way to achieve true greatness.

  5. Being a strong team by working hard, having a great attitude, and supporting one another.

  6. Having integrity and being courageous in doing what is right at all times.

  7. Always delivering what we promise.

  8. Offering a higher level of service and quality to our clients during every phase of the design and construction process.

  9. Delivering projects on time and on budget.

  10. Empowering clients and employees by providing transparency in our business.

Above all, we strive to be honest and maintain a high level of personal integrity, which leaves our clients in awe of our professionalism and level of service. Because of our high level of production, we have a strong morale and respect for each other and look forward to working together. Interested in working with us?


This is NEDC