November 18, 2021

I am the Construction Manager for NEDC and as such oversee all NEDC Project Managers managing our Architectural Design Build projects across Cambridge, Somerville, Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Back Bay and the Greater Boston area. We are involved throughout the design and planning process to advise and assist with costing, value engineering and efficiency of design approach. We then accept each project as a turnover from the Design Department and take it through full artisan build.

This organizational pattern embraces the legacy of the Architect as a Master Builder.

I was born in raised in Massachusetts and grew up in a small town outside of Worcester with my two brothers. All of us were 3-sport athletes in football, wrestling and track & field, and we are still extremely competitive with one another to this day.

Growing up, I would always take apart anything I could get my hands on just to see if I could put it back together. One story that my mother loves to tell is, when I was in 6th grade and we were struggling financially, our washer broke–she thought that she was going to have to buy a new one. So I told her “let me try and fix it first.” She ordered the part and the next day before she got home from work I had taken the entire washer apart just to replace a motor and put it back together. Much to her delight, it worked perfectly for years to come.

Understanding what makes things work is inherently my passion and the majority of my hobbies outside of work involve just that. I love any type of woodworking whether it is whittling or building furniture or framing a new home. Another hobby that I have is re-building old motorcycles and taking them from a piece of junk and turning them into beautiful new machines that can be ridden again.

Honestly, I kind of fell into the building industry. It all began picking up job sites with a family friend at 13 years old and then continued naturally from there.

I have personal experience and training in an array of building disciplines–from framing and finish carpentry to roofing, and siding. I was also in the electrical field for about 7 years doing everything from residential to industrial projects.

I graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management. I am a Licensed Construction Supervisor (CSL) and have completed OSHA 30 safety training. I am passionate about sustainable design build and am a Certified Passive Home Builder currently mid a custom Passive Home retrofit in Somerville. It is a truly beautiful project of which I am extremely proud.

You can see it here:





















And to to round it out and truly melt your heart–I have a rescue pitbull named Bubba who is now doing great. He is adapting well to his new home with a large back yard. He is 6 months old and is weighing in at about 65 lbs. I expect him to be a BIG BOY close to 100+lb.


NEDC CEO David Supple’s words:

“When Aaron applied to NEDC, I reached out to a friend whom Aaron had apprenticed for while in college. He clearly recommended him and said he ‘led with his tips,’ a skiing analogy meaning he goes straight downhill full speed.

Fittingly, I have come to realize Aaron is not personally halted by limitations of how long something is supposed to take nor status quo models – a perfect match for NEDC’s purpose to usher in a new era of the design and construction experience. We are hurriedly expanding the mountain to ensure we keep Aaron going.”



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