August 26, 2021

In these times we seek to help our Boston community as much as possible. This includes recognizing the excellent work and care of our many trade partners and sharing their stories with both our clients and the greater Boston community to foster connection and mutual benefit. Professionalism, sustainability, artistry, and innovation are qualities we highly value at NEDC, and are honored to work with many who share and exemplify such qualities!

Sharin Schober – Boston Fine Artist

Precision meets Artistry: an introduction to Sharin Schober – Boston Fine Artist:

Sharin Schober is a European contemporary artist based in Boston, USA.

Graduating with a dual degree in mechanical engineering and business administration in Germany Sharin worked in the supply chain industry in Europe before moving to Boston in 2017. She excelled in these industries but sought greater artistic expression and aesthetic freedom. With a basic purpose to uplift spaces and inspire others with aesthetics, art has always been a key part of who Sharin is and how she views and approaches life.


Sharin Schober posing with board and city of Boston in background

In these last years, Sharin has decided to pursue this on a deeper and more professional level–building her brand Sharin Schober Art and collaborating with multiple clients across Boston.

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A camera and sketchbook is never missing in her bags 🙂 Sharin looks for and finds beauty in venues and vistas across Boston, drawing inspiration from its history, structure, people, and natural beauty.


golden art piece textured art piece on wall


Being half Spanish, half German, she grew up on the Canary Islands, Spain, and has always loved drawing inspiration from nature throughout these islands–especially the sea and the sky.

Sharin’s work is primarily acrylic on canvas.

Creating unique pieces that can stand alone or be arrayed in series–Sharin creates in both small formats as well as larger-scale pieces. As an artist, she loves mixing different materials to create special structures on her art—demonstrating a love for how colors mix, integrate, and perform when combining them on canvas.


art hanging on the wall art pictures hanging in a living room


Questions Sharin poses when approaching a space with her art:

How can we create light?

How can we get lost in a unique structure?

And how can we find peace when looking at art?


two similar art pieces side by side close up art piece with texture


Sharin finds inspiration in nature around her in Boston and the world as she travels.

Looking at a sunset, the sky after a rainy day, waves on the ocean, and the sun’s reflection on water are some of the beautiful and unique color patterns you will find in her work.

Sharin’s work is heavily sought by Boston interior designers, luxury real estate agents, clients, and home decorators across Boston. Her client commissioned work can be found in Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Brookline, the North End, and across the Greater Boston Area.


Sharin Schober black and white


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