October 19, 2022

Should I gut remodel my Boston Home…

Does that require an Architect…Contractor…Interior Designer…? Maybe all three…?

This is a question I get asked frequently. I wanted to candidly shed some light on the subject here, as it may be of use to Boston home owners considering the value of a full gut remodel and custom redesign for their home.

A home remodel can vary in size and scope from a single bathroom to a full-scale, whole-home gut remodel where the home is taken down to the studs, then crafted to a fully custom layout, flow and aesthetic arrangement.

At NEDC we specialize in the latter.

A whole-home gut remodel is definitely an investment. It has its time and place and we take great joy in helping our clients establish their ideal home with a perfect layout, custom design and sustainable aesthetics.

A primary advantage with a gut remodel is that one can start to design from scratch. Families often want an open plan layout for their kitchen and living space, a perfect Master bed and bath and perhaps the addition of an in-law suite and home office.

When taking the home down to studs and starting from this framework it allows us to bring all core systems up to date easily while crafting the perfect layout for the client.


Here are three concise benefits to a whole home gut remodel in Boston:

1. It allows the client to custom design their ideal home layout with a blank slate – from scratch.

2. All systems can easily be updated and or replaced (HVAC, Electrical, etc.)

3. Any structural issues can be identified and handled while preserving the innate character of the home.



Cambridge, MA Whole Home Gut Remodel:

Here are the rugged and raw shots once it was gutted:


The project background and setting was this:

This family had lived in their home for several years with a particular love for its location in Cambridge, Mass. Desiring a more aesthetic, functional layout they began to fully remodel the exterior but not the interior of the home. The family were torn between choosing a “traditional” Architect and the increasingly popular Design Build approach which integrates full planning services with the artisan build sequence in the age-old tradition of the Architect as a Master Builder.

This bespoke project was a complete gut remodel to the studs, re-working the floorplan top to bottom and crafting a warm, unique and truly beautiful family home during Covid.

The family chose the Design Build approach with NEDC to take advantage of a more detailed finish selection, complete project guidance and the inherent advantages of having a company provide turn key service–soup to nuts. They became believers and our biggest fans.

The Macdonald family finds beauty in Scandinavian minimalist style. The home is 1300 SF or so necessitating the need to make the most of the space. Our Designers were able to add a second bath on the second floor so the children were provided a separate space distinct from the primary en-suite.


Cambridge, MA Project Scope:

  • – First floor: An aesthetic, functional mudroom was created with custom built-in storage. Also created were the following beautiful spaces on the first floor:
    • – A new powder room
    • – A custom kitchen open to a comfortable and unique family dining space
    • – A beautiful dining space for the family
    • – Bespoke glass dividers were designed and installed between rooms to lend division to the space without interjecting full walls–creating a sense of distinction without fragmenting the overall space.
    • – Embracing sustainability, a beautiful dining room table was crafted by the client using reclaimed wood from the project. NEDC raised the ceiling in the basement to allow for more functional woodworking space–the client’s passion and hobby.
  • – Second Floor: We added a second bathroom for children and also changed the sizes of the bedrooms to be more equitable and functional.


The results are beautiful:



I’d love to hear from you.




David Muniz Supple

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