September 26, 2012


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Sustainable Decking

– Comparing Composite vs Wood

Are you finding it difficult to entertain because your outdoor space is lacking functionality? With many decking companies going green, sustainable products can be found without the large price tag attached. You just have to do research or hire a company that knows about sustainability and the products that are offered.


Two popular exterior decking materials are either composite decking or wood. Composite decking is made up of wood particles and plastic and is usually more expensive than wood. The benefits of composite are that it takes little maintenance as far as sanding, staining and sealing. It is resistant to rotting and insects, meets strict fire codes and can last up to 30 years! One downside is that it can discolor faster than wood. Oil, rust or wine can stain the material and you can’t sand it down and re-stain as you can with wood, but instead would have to replace the part.   Also, some brands offer options that make the material look “cheaper” than other options, but with help and research you can achieve the look that’s right for you.


One manufacturer that uses recycled materials in their composite decking

Trex Decking

products is Trex. During 2010, 3.1  billion recycled plastic grocery bags were collected for use in Trex products. They also don’t use any virgin wood, using mill waste and old pallets instead. The recycled plastic and sawdust is combined to form decking that is attractive, long-lasting and maintenance-free.


Another company that offers sustainable composite is Fiberon. Their special blend of  wood, plastic, and additives gives Fiberon several advantages over other types of decking because it’s durable and requires little maintenance. All of their composite products’ recycled content is sourced within 500 miles of their manufacturing facilities and includes plastic milk jugs, shampoo and laundry detergent bottles. Overall, Fiberon diverts over 34,000 tons of woods and plastics from landfills and incinerators each year.


Fiberon is also an ally to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (


EPA) Greenscapes–a program that promotes cost- efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for landscaping. Designed to help preserve natural resources and prevent waste pollution, it provides research, guidance, publications, and online calculator tools that can aid in your decision making and implementation of more sustainable landscape solutions.


Wood decking also has its advantages, and can be sustainable as well. Wood is non-toxic, easy to work with, and has a natural beauty. Since it is a completely natural product, it is easy to recycle and reuse. However, it 

is less durable than composite and needs to be sealed and maintained every 2 years. If not maintained well, wood is more susceptible to splintering and warping.


Wood decking can be sustainable if the wood is FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Certified, recycled, or salvaged. The FSC certification ensures that the company is using environmentally responsible practices when harvesting their lumber. It is also best to look for the most durable types of wood like cedar or redwood or tropical woods like teak and ipe (Brazilian hardwood).

Wood Decking by Kebony
Wood Decking by Kebony

Finding a lumber yard that sources lumber locally is also beneficial, as the greater distance the wood needs to travel, the larger the carbon input needed to get it to you.  If you’re looking for a green company, Kebony provides wood decking that is sustainable and has the dimensional stability of tropical hardwoods with resistance to decaying from termites and fungi. According to the company, stains take slightly longer to cure on Kebony, as it is intended to be installed without a finish. When installed, the wood is a golden brown that slowly turns to a silver-gray. At the end of it’s life, Kebony can be disposed of like untreated wood. The product is based out of Virginia and all wood are sourced locally. Another local company that we often use is Sterrit Lumber. They have locally sourced FSC Certified wood that is geographically close to our office and projects.


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