February 26, 2023

Who are the best Architects in Boston? 

That’s quite a question.  And in reality, there isn’t a finite answer that isn’t based on personal preference and choice.   There are many factors involved, and the answers can be exceptionally subjective. There are many talented Architects across Boston that whose work I admire greatly. 

However, I come across this question periodically during the year and spend considerable time educating clients on what I see as key factors and what to look for. 

I wanted to share my views here on the Best Architects in Boston: 

The best Architects in Boston are also builders. 

This is my view and conclusion after graduating from Tufts Architectural and spending nearly 20 years in business as the founder and CEO of a creative Architectural Design Build firm specializing in sustainable luxury home design. 

As a homeowner, no matter whom you choose—you want an Architect who can also build.  One who understands the building process and has done it himself.  With his hands.   

What you don’t want is a designer who creates stunningly aesthetic designs with little to no practical experience on how to actually create them in the built environment. 

This is impractical. 

This is expensive. 

Very expensive. 

I have had many clients come to me with six-figure architectural plans they just invested in with another architect they thought they loved—that now are impractical to build as the construction budget is literally twice what they had allocated as the client for the project. 

That’s a painful experience. 

It’s a result of architectural design that is not founded in or familiar with the actual build process. 

So my advice to Boston homeowners seeking a major remodel is always – seek out and fall in love with Architect who can build. 


It’s actually quite simple and straightforward advice. 

The power of using an Architect who can build lies in their experience in crafting the built environment and how this leads to value engineering.  A brilliant Architect versed in building will value engineer his architectural design to achieve the client’s aesthetic choices while using building materials and construction processes that will achieve their construction budget. 

What a beautiful synthesis. 

Seem simple?  Well, it is. 

The actual definition of Architect when traced to its roots is Master Builder as can be seen here:


“Architect” defined:  The root of the word architect breaks down into “chief” or “master” (arkhi) and “builder” (tekton). Arkhi and tekton come from the ancient Greek language, which originated as far back as 3,000 BC. 


So… what is architectural design build?

There are two primary approaches to a major home design and remodel. While this can be made very complex as a subject, the natural creative process is fundamentally simple. I will cover both here:  

Design-Bid-Build is the process that has been introduced over the past 150 years or so whereby you as the client directly hire an architect to draft plans and design your project — to then have it bid out to multiple contractors seeking to win the bid and perform the project. This approach has been generalized as mainstream over the past decades and sold to homeowners, often creating client stress and potential loss of both client funds and time. This approach has many liabilities for the client due in no small part to the fragmented spheres of responsibilities which this system and method creates.  

There is no single person or entity fully accountable to the client for the entire project’s success.  

This single factor alone can create a host of problems for the client.  

By default, the client is ultimately responsible for both Architect and Builder as well as the ultimate success of the project. Thus one can have impractical and expensive design work, impractical planning, numerous change orders, shoddy craftsmanship, and projects which are off timeline and over budget. In the end, the client can be left damaged. You or a family member or friend may have experienced this in the past. We have many clients come to us after poor experiences with this approach.  

Architectural Design-Build (also Design Build) is the natural approach to creation of the built environment and has been used for thousands of years to create many of the beautiful structures of earth. Architectural Design Build is the route of choice if one desires to save on time and money, reduce stress, and eliminate a fragmented sense of project responsibility in the people working for you.  

Architectural Design Build is a model that stresses single-source accountability with the creative design, planning, and remodel executed start to finish by one firm.  

Architectural Design-Build in Boston is currently being turned to by professionals, families, and individuals as the cutting edge of efficiency, aesthetics, practicality, and accountability when it comes to designing and remodeling a home. This approach packages architectural design and interior design services with artisan-level building and remodeling services. This natural synthesis makes for a simple, efficient, and accountable creative process followed by a streamlined and responsible build phase, reducing cost, time of execution, and client stress throughout. With the Architectural Design Build approach, the client is dealing solely with one fully accountable firm.  

New England Design and Construction specializes in Architectural Design Build with a specific focus on sustainable luxury homes. We are extremely mindful of environmental impact and passionate about project efficiency and client comfort. 

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Original Short Film – The True Meaning of an Architect: 

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