May 17, 2018

How you doing? I’m very excited to show you guys this video. It’s the fourth third design build show where I interview Mr. David Sellers.

Mr. David Sellers is essentially to design-build what Chuck Berry is to rock’n’roll. He brought design-build back at a time where for the past hundred years-he started practicing it in about 1964- a hundred years before that up until that point it wasn’t happening. To whatever degree it was, but in terms of how things were taught, how the system was structured: you had architects and you had general contractors.

Mr. Sellers just started building as an architect at a time when it was actually against the AIA’s code of ethics to do so- he had the courage and integrity to see what he saw, and then go out and do what he felt was right. And he’s a complete inspiration! Some of the stories he tells in the interview are amazing. He talks about working as an assistant engineer on one of Paul Rudolph’s, who was the Dean of Yale at the time (Architecture School)- and also the architect for a building at the time- it’s an amazing story. He talks about being a guest lecturer/professor at MIT and what he went through with that.

Mr. Sellers actually started the curriculum for design-build. Design-build is now in over 100 architecture schools, but it really started with this guy. Hope you enjoy it! Please excuse my daughter- you’ll see it was a little bit on-the-spot interview, but enjoy! Thank you!

Please consider supporting Allie Rood, who filmed the footage of Mr Sellers in this video. She is currently working on a project about design-build. Find out more here!

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