June 2, 2021

Prepare to be inspired…


Okay, Boston.  After months indoors our city is finally reemerging into a new normal–many Boston homeowners are contemplating a significant remodel to their existing home or are perusing the now white-hot real estate market in search of a new home that can potentially be crafted to meet their dreams.

Expectations for home spaces have been refined to the precision of a Toledo blade after the past year indoors.  Every home imperfection is now glaringly evident and an exact vision has been tempered and forged of what can and must be.  For many, compromise is not an option and the quest has now begun to either find and remodel a new home–or design and remodel an existing home towards exact vision and needs.

An increasing number of prospective homeowners are willing to purchase a new home that is imperfect but can be designed and remodeled into their dream home.

To fan this creative flame and help out along the way, we offer here 7 of our favorite home design influencers and aesthetic creatives & unique tastemakers from across Boston and New England.


Peruse and be inspired:


1. Finding Lovely.  Instagram: @finding_lovely

The magic behind this platform’s embracive aesthetic is Jackie.  A courageous and upbeat mother of three, she is a unique, professional and exact in her tastes–above all she is truly a warm soul.  Motherhood is just one of her superpowers, and her Instagram and website chronicle the creation of a uniquely uplifting Wellesley home space, highlighting and explaining the individual elements which she has lovingly crafted into a home that is classic New England and amazingly inviting.  I find myself scrolling through her Instagram at times just to catch up on her family creations and enjoy the classic Boston aesthetic which shines through.  An immensely positive individual, the strength and creativity of her and her family’s upbeat character and aesthetic can be found in each original corner of this creative platform.

Instagram: @finding_lovely




2. The Jennings Mama. Instagram: @thejenningsmama

Adrienne Jennings is the Master of this Ship.   A mother of two little ones with a Masters Degree in Education she has created a warm, and exceptionally real platform documenting the realities and challenges of creating your dream home environment while raising two small children.  Her original photography is beautiful and shares a warm sense of New England home life.  Adrienne is candid about the realities and challenges of motherhood and home creation, offering many helpful tips and ethical product suggestions throughout based on her own experience.  You can see a candid and aesthetic home tour on her Instagram and numerous family insights throughout her Instagram Reels.




3. Courtney & Patrick Ryan. Instagram: @courtperkins @patrickthedp @mainelakehaus

One of Boston’s leading directors and photographers, Courtney Ryan (formerly Perkins) lives in the realm of aesthetics.  Born and raised in Boston, she attended Emerson College for film and cut her creative teeth on such feature films as The Town, Shutter Island and Moonrise Kingdom.  She additionally mentored for five years under film legend and CBE Roger Deakins (think 1917, Blade Runner 2049, Sicario, James Bond Skyfall, The Shawshank Redemption, and many more).  She now directs lifestyle content for major brands such as Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Range Rover, Puma, Holland America and B. Good among others.

But beyond her cinematic talents, Courtney is a stunning stills photographer as well as a wife, homemaker and mother.  She and her handsome DP of a husband Patrick (@patrickthedp) recently designed and crafted a beautiful lake house in Bethel, Maine (with a little help some from some close friends).  The creative aesthetic of this home shines through and the stunning New England lakehouse is now said and done with an Instagram all of its own…@mainelakehaus.  Team Ryan raised the roof of the 1950s lake house, added a dormer to provide lakeside views to wake up to, installed new windows and a shiplap roof and loads of Benjamin Moore paint (dove white).  The natural wood interior, clean lines and rural aesthetic is enchanting and makes you want to hop in your car and visit—or purchase and create such a home of your own!



4. By Alex Joachim @byalexjoachim

A unique man of many talents, artist Alex Joachim isn’t defined by a single creative pursuit.  A graduate of Emerson College with degrees in Business and the Creative Arts, Joachim has embraced and mastered design, photography, branding and multiple other avenues of creativity.  Starting from scratch, he designed and built his first studio—garnering a feature with some of his first work.    “With amazing works published in Dark Beauty Magazine, Toksick Magazine& African Digital Art and an award from Harvard University under his belt, Alex Joachim is poised to mercilessly take the creative world by storm. You can find Alex on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat (byAlexJoachim). -Arielle Gray(from Epicenter Community: #MCM: Alex Joachim) “

His creative vibe and artwork are a beautiful addition to any creative household. 



5. Deb Cohen @thefrontdoorproject

Coldwell Banker Real Estate agent Deb Cohen began to capture the beauty of New England Architecture after a successful career in finance.  She began snapping the front of striking homes in her hometown of Hartford Connecticut and then reached out to all six states comprising New England in preparation for the creation of a book—and thus The Front Door Project was born.  A striking collection of New England Architecture any Bostonian and New Englander can truly be proud of–Deb and the Front Door Project provide inspiration across an array of color, door and architectural styles.    I love this feed and have gone deep looking at the amazing array of New England home architecture.  If you are looking for design inspiration for your home exterior—this is a must.




6. Conscious Living @CaitBagby @longhillfarm

Cait Bagby is a well-lived and well-traveled conscious living activist and human rights advocate who speaks, writes, and acts on meaningful topics relevant to humanity’s wellbeing.  Cait is also the founder of Sustainable Creatives Coalition: Sustainable Creatives Coalition is a group of professional influencers, bloggers, and digital content creators across several fields who strive to help individuals lead a more sustainable life. Our members acknowledge that in the vast arenas of ethical, eco, green, sustainable, and conscious understandings there is not a one size fits all approach.”

With her husband Robert, she recently designed and renovated an 1810 Federal Style Farmhouse on 17 acres of beautiful Massachusetts countryside in Bolton which she and her partner    The home itself was given substantial love and work and is truly a unique and beautiful project and property.

Long Hill Farm is a family run property which specializes in historical and heirloom vegetable varieties from around the world. Cait and Robert purchased the property with a passion for home renovation but quickly became two accidental farmers.

Cait strongly believes: “you don’t have to give up style to dress sustainably, dogs make everything better, travel is the best therapy, global living wage is achievable, flower gardens are essential, and without a healthy planet none of these things would be possible.”






7. Mohamed Elmaarouf & Stephanie Rudloe of Marrakech Designs @marrakechdesigns_ltd

If an injection of Middle Eastern aesthetic exhilarates, expands and calms you – you’ve come to the right place.   Located in the Boston Design Center, Marrakech Designs purveys an absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind soothing Moroccan aesthetic sourced directly from the ancient city of Marrakesh to Architects, Interior Designers and home creators from Boston and New York to Los Angeles.

I personally find this design aesthetic close to my soul and absolutely love the timeless aesthetic it creates.   Yet another reminder of the design legacy this part of the world has provided across the centuries.

“Stephanie Rudloe blends traditional and exotic decor to create comfortable spacious interiors and special events with beautiful details. As creative director and founder of Marrakech Designs, originally the custom design division of Imports from Marrakesh Ltd., since 2000 she has built a loyal following of architects, interior designers and stylists in New York, Los Angeles, Palm Beach and Chicago. She trained in classic interior decoration at William Hodgins Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts. Drawing from her collaborative design experience and trade network of artisans in Morocco and New England, Stephanie works closely with her clients to create to beautiful rooms that are designed to be lived in and noticed. She founded Marrakech Designs Ltd  in 2018.

 Mohamed Elmaarouf, the son of a Marrakech rug merchant, has been procuring Amazigh carpets from tribes in the Atlas mountains since 1968,. In 1980, Mohamed helped gather a collection of Berber weavings for the Textile Museum in Washington DC and he shared his expertise in translating Berber dialects, as well as his deep knowledge of the Berber arts and culture for the book From the Far West: Carpets and Textiles of Morocco which was published on the occasion of the exhibition. Since then Mohamed has become an expert producer of hand-made, fair-trade Moroccan tiles, lanterns, carpets and fashion accessories for Imports from Marrakesh and Marrakech Designs.”




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