May 24, 2012

Are you having difficulty decorating your home?

Here are some numbers to keep in mind that can help guide you in sprucing up the decor in your house:

55-60 inches: When hanging a single piece of art, the center of the frame should be this many inches from the floor, so it is at eye level.

26 inches: A rug under your dining room table should extend beyond the table by at least this much.  This way chair legs don’t get caught on it.

4: The maximum amount of small appliances that should be left out in the kitchen.  The counters should be left as clear as possible.

30%:  Leave this much space open on any shelf.  Shelves shouldn’t be jam-packed as it looks cluttered.

3, 5, 7: Use odd numbers in decorating when using multiple objects such as vases, candles, or pictures on the wall.  The eye finds uneven clusters more interesting than even numbers.

4-9 feet: The amount of space between the couch and arm chair so guests can comfortably sit and talk.

 Newton Kitchen, in the Home Stretch!

“I LOVE my new kitchen!  I made a bread last night!!!!!!  So very exciting.  So many things to make!  Dan was unbelievable in the experience, and I have to say, that you [Cory], Dan and Dave were very awesome to work with.  Even when there were unexpected things that arose, we knew that Dan and Dave were on the case and wanted to make it right.  We have had two neighbors already over for a tour!

 We are very happy with the results, and NO ONE can believe it was delivered ON TIME (except of course, us, because your team is great).”

– S.W. Newton, MA

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