August 5, 2010

Aug 5, 2010
By New England Design and Construction

At New England Design and Construction we understand how difficult it can be to find a good service professional. Contractor horror stories have been experienced by too many New Englanders. So the question remains, how does one go about finding an affordable, honest service professional? To help we have provided the three most important questions to ask your local service pro.

Question #1- Does he have a license? Ask for his license number. Plumbers, electricians and many other service professionals are required by law to have specific licenses relevant to their trade. You should ask for a copy of this as well.

Question #2- Is he insured? Again, ask to see a copy of this form and ensure it is valid. An uninsured contractor could end up costing you thousands.

Question #3- Does he have local references? Get your contractor to give you at least three homeowner references for jobs of a similar scope to yours. Call the references and ask questions relating the contractor’s quality of work, reliability, communication skills, etc.

Also keep in mind, we are always available and happy to recommend quality professionals in your area. Just give us a call next time you’re in need of a service professional. We will help you as we always have.

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