June 29, 2018

What do you do when your family outgrows your house? Or when the unique features you once found appealing aren’t so appealing anymore? Moving is not the only (or even the best) answer! Instead, it might be time to consider a home addition.

As Boston’s trusted design and remodeling firm, we’ve helped hundreds of people realize their dreams through a home addition. Keep reading to learn the top reasons our clients choose to invest in a home addition and why it might be the right choice for you, too.


Add space to your home

Most home additions center around a family simply needing more space. Whether it’s a lifestyle change like an ever-growing family, an older family members moving in, or a big career change, sometimes additional space is a necessity.

This can materialize in a number of different ways:

  • • Master suites: First-floor master suites are a popular option for homeowners looking for an extra bedroom as they age
  • • Living or family rooms: Adding a family or living room is a great way to add living space to your home
  • • Expanded kitchen: Modern and open kitchens are the heart of your home. Adding onto your kitchen allows it to have an airier layout

When you add onto your home, you can build it to your exact specifications. Often, this means complimenting your original space but including amenities you’ve alway wanted.


Add a whole new section of your home

Home additions don’t have to center around just one room, either. Multi-room or even multi-story home additions are common in the Boston area. In addition to drastically changing the square footage of your home by adding a completely new room, a home addition can open up and add to existing space, making all of your rooms more comfortable.

This also allows you to build in a strategic way to allow for a layout that works long-term for you and your family.



Houses built in years past were not built with modern lifestyles in mind.

Take for instance small kitchens with old appliances. When you’re in these spaces every day, it can feel like you’re living in another decade. Walls are close together, there is no island or extra counter space, and not much can be done other than cooking.

Today’s kitchens act as the central hub for the rest of the home. In addition to just prepping and cooking meals, modern kitchens are used for eating with the family, entertaining, and just hanging out!

In order to modernize your kitchen (and other parts of your home), you’ll have to add space to your home. This ensures you can create a kitchen promoting conservation, lightflow, and enjoyment.

Adding onto your kitchen allows for…

  • Luxury appliances
  • Actually enjoying cooking, as you’ll have space and not feel cramped
  • A relaxing place to spend time after work or in the mornings



The most popular way homeowners modernize their home is to create an open floor plan. This can be accomplished by combining the kitchen, living room, and dining room into one large space.

When adding space to your home and improving the layout, benefits include:

  • • A space for entertainment: An updated layout allows for better flow and conversation
  • • A safer space: Since multiple rooms are included in one, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the kids while working in the kitchen
  • • A hub for the home: Open floor plans create a natural space for your family to congregate. This means while one person cooks another can be working
  • • Better natural light: When you open up the layout of your home the added natural light not only accentuates the design of your home, but promotes healthier living, too!


Appliances and features

When updating the amount of space you have through a home addition, you are given the opportunity to update the appliances in your home. You can also add features into your home that previously you didn’t have room for.

Some features Boston area homeowners love to add to their home’s once they have the space include:

  • Saunas
  • Oversized tubs
  • Kitchen islands



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Add value

There is no better way to spend money then tending to your investment. Even taking out the fact that you’ll enjoy your home more after a home addition, it could still be worth it based solely on return on investment.

Larger homes are always more marketable. This is particularly true in neighborhoods with smaller and historic homes. When it comes time to sell your home, the things you are wanting for in your home will most likely be on the wish list of a prospective buyer.

This makes home additions that much more worth it.


Stay where you live

If the only thing you don’t love about your current home is the size, why leave? Home additions let you stay in the home and neighborhood you love while still tailoring your home into a space that fits your lifestyle.

Some benefits of choosing a home additions over buying a new house include…


No need to uproot your family

Moving can be difficult for young ones. Kids are more sensitive to changes in their lives, particularly when they are young.

It’s even harder when a move means changing schools. If your child is particularly rooted, they may feel uncomfortable going to a new school where they’ll have to meet new friends, join new sports teams, or enter a new routine.

Moving can be hard for parents too! Moving means that your routine will be upended, having to find new grocery stores and other resources.


Avoid the real estate market

In a city like Boston, it seems like home prices are rising more and more every day. Why enter a competitive market (and the many costs associated with it) when you can just invest money in improving the home you already live in?

When you sell a home, you have to think about:

  • Realtor fees
  • Home staging
  • Home inspections
  • Lawyers fees
  • Land transfer taxes

This does not even factor in the stress and time of looking for a new home. Looking for a space, submitting bids, and lots of waiting are all part of the game.


Hire an architectural design-focused home addition contractor

When you hire an experienced architectural design-focused home addition contractor you don’t have to worry about a thing. With our design-build approach to architectural design and remodeling, your dreams can become a reality without having to manage the process yourself.

At New England Design & Construction, we handle the entire process from soup-to-nuts. Unlike real estate closing fees, the money you pay us will go directly into your home, adding value and giving you a space custom-tailored to your lifestyle.

Want to learn more about our home addition process? Visit our home addition page and contact us with any questions!

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