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two lounge chairs on second story addition deck in front of bedroom

Do you love your house, but just wish it were a little…bigger? A home addition can create a refreshing new space. However, if it’s poorly done, a house addition is an expensive eyesore. At New England Design & Construction, our design experts won’t let that happen to you. Our goal is to add to your home in a tasteful, seamless manner, so the addition is practically invisible.

We build home additions for the following:

First Floor Additions Ideas


Add capacity and value to your home with a first-floor addition that meets your needs. This addition allows homeowners to add space for communal areas or bedrooms as needed.

On a budget? Talk to your Boston home addition contractor about building a bump-out rather than a full addition. Bump-outs don’t alter the footprint of your home’s foundation, but rather extend the area of the house over the existing foundation. This relatively low-cost addition can change the size and shape of your home to add 30 square feet or more!

whole home addition with contemporary kitchen and extended kitchen island by NEDC


Primary Suite Add-Ons


Many two-story homes have primary bedrooms on the second floor. While second-floor bedrooms are private, it’s problematic for homeowners hoping to age in place. Work with your home addition contractor in Boston to create a primary suite on the first floor of your home, complete with a primary bathroom and bedroom. Enjoy life at home, safely and comfortably, from the first floor!


Second Floor Addition Inspiration


A second-floor addition can double the size of your house, adding valuable space for your growing household. Second-floor additions are so comprehensive that your house will look like an all-new home when the work is completed.

Work with your Boston home addition contractor to design a second-floor addition that meets the needs of your family. This is a major construction project that your family will need to move out of in order to complete. Be sure to work with a Boston home addition contractor with good communication practices, to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and other members of your household.

home office with navy blue walls in second story addition in boston


Why build an addition?


Building an addition is usually the option that homeowners choose when they don’t want to relocate, even though they need more space. Boston real estate is expensive, and some homeowners just can’t afford a new house. Building an addition allows you to grow your household and stay in your current home, without relocating.

second story addition bedroom with king bed and angled roof in boston


Why work with a Boston home addition contractor?


It’s important to work with a home addition contractor in Boston because your contractor will get the proper permits and perform quality work. A home addition is a major construction project that requires expertise and skill – and not everyone can provide that!

A home addition gives you so many options:

  • Room for children, relatives, or pets
  • Covered outdoor patio space that integrates with your landscape design
  • A guest room for overnight visitors
  • Craft, office, or hobby space
  • Storage for lawn, home, and/or garden equipment

Our first step in home additions is to discuss what needs this new construction will meet. We want to design something as functional as it is beautiful. Then we practice what we call “complete planning.” We create a detailed 3D rendering and a full set of architectural drawings so you can review exactly what your home addition will look like.

Our Boston home additions contractors don’t stop there, though — we select every single fixture, finish, and material prior to construction. Before we even break ground, you know every detail of the project. That way there won’t be any surprises.

Additions are an excellent fit for our design build method. Because there are so many elements of design used in creating the best possible space for your family, our thorough design approach allows us to fully plan your project and provide itemized budgets and construction schedules prior to lifting a finger in the actual construction. This has the capability to reduce headaches due to unforeseen circumstances down the road: the industry standard rate for change orders is around 20%. Due to our methodical process and extensive experience, NEDC change orders stay below 2%! 

A typical home addition or extension with our company is in the $200,000 to $2 million range. To find out more about typical addition project costs in the Boston and New England area, please take a look at our Boston Remodeling Cost Guide with real project costs and local averages. 

Learn more about our architectural design for home additions.


About New England Design & Construction


New England Design and Construction (NEDC) is a design-build firm, located in the heart of Boston, specializing in turnkey solutions for kitchen, bathroom, and whole-home remodeling. NEDC provides concept-to-completion remodeling by offering architecture and design experts working as a single collaborative team with a dedicated crew of construction professionals. NEDC is a collaboration of bright, passionate, and creative individuals who firmly believe that well-designed and constructed spaces can lift your spirit.

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Before: This client was looking to create a backyard oasis where none previously existed. The clients wished to integrate a structure that combined both a one-car garage and a pool house with a patio to complement their new in-ground pool and landscaping. It was important for the structure to appear as if it had always been there. This placed a special emphasis on design and materials to match the existing home.

Designed: This rendering shows the design intention before we constructed it. We matched elements to their existing home, including siding, awning brackets, molding details, tapered Tuscan columns, roofing, and the garage door. The pitch of the roof on the new structure is angled to match the existing home, but in a scale that is appropriate. The back of the structure was angled in such a way that it cannot be seen from the front, yet still allows for the patio to align with the pool for optimal use.

Built: A gate helps conceal its dual functionality and strengthens the change in atmosphere once past it. The metal roof adds a sense of uniqueness and change from the existing home while still fitting in well by using a hipped roof — a play off of a projecting oriel window in the rear of the home.