November 16, 2010

Nov 16, 2010
By New England Design and Construction

Alright, with the holidays coming up you must be swamped! Decorating the trees, preparing cards, calling relatives, preparing food, and so much more! But, we can’t forget the Christmas Lights! Although, on my list it probably ranks number two on “Things that I postpone forever for the holidays”

So, you drive home late night and you’ve probably seen houses like these

But, Oh my! How does anyone have time to pull off designs like these! So Instead of going all crazy and wild with your lights, You can do something that stands out just as much and it’ll take you just a fraction of the time put into something like those.

Alright, The idea of putting up lights are:

  • Making it inviting for those walking past the house
  • Making it comforting for guests coming into the house
  • Drawing attention to the house

The First step is to decorate your doorway. It should be very bright at the doorway so whenever people walk by it’s kind of the first thing they notice. Highlight lights around the doorway itself and if you have space in front of the doorway like a small porch / railings/ steps you should enhance the pathway with lights or make a pathway with holiday themed objects. In this case, we have rows of tiny toy soldiers.

Besides decorating the front you want to throw some lights around windows to highlights some spaces. It draws attention to the house and it looks organized and clean. Putting up reefs and garlands around with lights also looks very nice either beside and under the window or completely around.

So the thing is you don’t need to go crazy with the lights. If you want to spend less time and have something nice, simply enhance the look to the doorway, the pathway to the house and some lights around the windows. Balance the colors of the lights, maybe have certain areas have one color and the other something else to contrast it. Say, White lights for the entry way, and the pathway can be lit up with green/red.

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