December 12, 2013

Do you enjoy a good bottle of wine? What do you normally do with the cork that came out of your bottle- do you save it or chuck it? This DIY project is perfect for those of us who save our corks but really have nothing useful to do with them. Even if you don’t save your corks, this project may inspire you to start doing so!


These little bottles of liquid fire are a great gift for anyone with a fireplace,  fire-pit, or camping habit, and they look so pretty sitting around on the countertop in the kitchen!

Takes about 5 minutes to make, and requires a jar with a good seal (mason jars work great) some rubbing alcohol (aka isopropyl alcohol), and corks. If you are really fired up and want to create this but have no corks on hand, have no fear! Walmart carries corks in the candle and potpourri aisle in a small mesh bag. Additionally, most craft stores have them hiding somewhere as well.

1.) Assemble the ingredients. Not pictured: isopropyl alcohol. 


2.) Put your corks in the jar!


3.) Fill the jar up with isopropyl alcohol and close tight, and tie off the jar with a pretty string or decoration!



Note: for most effective fire starters, let the corks marinate in the jar for at least 24 hours prior to use.


As I do not have a fireplace and I live in a large apartment building, setting a fire would have been inappropriate to take a picture. I do however, have great plans to gift a jar of these to my parents and watch them in use over Christmas. They have a lovely fireplace.

Hopefully your home will look as inviting as this one, with a beautiful fire started using your cork fire starters:


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