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Remodeling Your Kitchen and Keeping it Green
Published November 7, 2011 | By

There are many things to consider when remodeling a kitchen. You have to consider the style you’d like, the color scheme, the appliances, the fixtures, and much more. One of the main things people are considering now when doing a kitchen remodel (or a remodel of any part of their home) is how environmentally friendly… View Article

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Some “How To” Tips For Around The House
Published July 22, 2011 | By

Do you have any squeaky wooden chairs in your home? You can easily fix those awful squeaks by: 1) Locating the source of the problem (which joint is making that noise) 2) Position the chair so you can reach the joint easily (you may have to turn the chair over) 3) Apply a little bit… View Article

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9 Creative Ideas for Spicing up Your Home
Published June 28, 2011 | By

1. Stuck inside the box?—Looking at redecorating your living room? Instead of sticking with the traditional squared sofa and squared rug, try something with a rounded edge. A large circle rug with a rounded sofa will five your living room some funky flavor. 2. Looking Bland?—Do you have any rooms in your home that are… View Article

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Need More Living Space?
Published June 27, 2011 | By

It is a common occurrence in many Massachusetts households that a family grows too large for their home. Whether it be that your family builds up more possessions, your family grows larger or your kids grow older; there comes a time when most families have to look at either remodeling their home or moving into… View Article

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A New Room for Xavier
Published June 3, 2011 | By

Last weekend, award-winning design-build firm, New England Design & Construction completely remodeled and redecorated a room for a child suffering from chronic illness. It collaborated with the Room to Dream Foundation- a non-profit organization devoted to improving the lives chronically ill children through household remodeling. The project took an existing cramped and cluttered bedroom and… View Article

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