August 18, 2022

Basement finishing and attic conversion are popular around the country, but especially in the Boston area. These home improvements are in high demand, as Boston homeowners seek to make the most of their personal space.

As a premier Boston contractor, the professionals at New England Design and Construction can turn your basement or attic into useable, attractive square footage. With our basement finishing and attic remodeling services, you can grow your household without moving.

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Basement Finishing and Attic Remodeling FAQ

What’s the ROI of a Basement or Attic Remodeling Project?

The ROI of an attic finishing project is typically more than what we see with the ROI of a basement remodeling project. Ultimately, both are high-value home improvement projects that can lead to big returns if you’re planning to sell your home sometime in the next five years.

Why Is Basement Finishing and Attic Renovating So Popular in Boston?

Many homeowners in the Boston area opt to finish their basement or attic due to lack of space. Finishing your home’s basement or attic adds valuable square footage to your home, especially if the work is performed by a reputable, capable contractor.

Homes in Boston often have unfinished basements, the result of which is a lot of wasted space. In addition, lack of yard space means that many homeowners are unable to build out an addition. Homeowners who find themselves outgrowing the space they have often turn to this type of project, especially if they’re unable to find an affordable house that meets their needs.

How Much Does a Basement Remodel Cost in Boston?

A basement remodel in the Boston area starts at around $100,000 and goes up from there. The cost is influenced by the scope of the project, whether the basement is water damaged, if the basement regularly floods, and other factors. Installing a bathroom or a wet bar in your basement can add a lot of expense, but it costs much less if there’s already plumbing in place for a bathroom or sink.

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Popular Basement Remodeling Ideas for Boston Homes

Basement finishing Boston is a popular way to add extra space to your home that you might not otherwise be able to enjoy. Some examples of the type of space you can install in your basement include:

Man Cave

Turn your basement into a man cave where you can meet with friends, spend time relaxing and enjoy a good game on the television.

Wet Bar

Do you love entertaining? Installing a wet bar turns your basement into an entertainment center where friends and family can gather on holidays and at parties.

Work From Home Office

If you’re working from home, you should have your own private space where you can get work done. Outfit your home office with a large desk, plenty of storage space, and extra outlets to plug in your devices.

Home Gym

Work out in your very own home gym. Work with your contractor to install a comfortable, climate-controlled space, perfect for afternoon workouts.

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Boston Attic Remodeling and Conversion Services

Attic remodeling Boston adds lots of valuable, useable space on the top level of your house. Instead of storing your holiday decorations in your dusty, uncomfortable attic, you can turn this space into a valuable part of your household. Attics tend to be quiet spaces – far from the hustle and bustle in the rest of the house, so consider this as you’re trying to decide what to do with your attic.

Attic Conversion Costs in the Greater Boston Area

The cost to convert an attic in Boston typically runs around $300 per square foot. However, many factors can impact the cost including:

  • Does the floor need to be reinforced?
  • Do windows need to be added?
  • Will plumbing be installed for a bathroom?

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Attic Remodeling Ideas Based on Past Boston Remodels

Attic remodeling Boston adds value and useable space to your home. Some common uses for attic remodeling include:

Primary Bedroom

Install a primary suite in your attic including a bathroom, a large walk-in closet, and a sitting area.

Playroom or Family Recreation Room

Children enjoy spending time away from their parents in a space that’s all their own – and parents enjoy sending their children up into the attic where they can make a mess without anyone seeing.

Game Room For Older Teens

If you’ve got teenagers at home, turn your attic into a game room where the kids can have fun without being disturbed by their younger siblings.

Yoga Studio

If you love yoga, the attic is a perfect place to stretch, meditate and relax.

Art Studio

Turn your attic into a place where you can draw, paint, sculpt, and more – without worries about making your living space messy.

Home Office

Just like the basement, the attic makes a perfect home office, provided that you’ve properly insulated the space and have installed proper climate controls to make your work area more comfortable.

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