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The Meaning of the Word Architect
Published October 24, 2019 | By

Think about this: Except for the past 100 to150 years, throughout history, throughout the world and in any language, if you asked someone to describe the professional who is tasked with the creation of a building, you would consistently be met with words that mean “head builder.” This nomenclature doesn’t allow for any differentiation at… View Article

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HGTV = Design-Build
Published October 9, 2019 | By

Photo Credit: Emily May on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)   HGTV is an American cable television channel owned by Discovery Inc. The network’s content focuses primarily on real estate and home improvement reality programs, reaching a vast majority of the country. Over 95,000,000 households in the US receive HGTV (over 80% of households). That’s a… View Article

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Is Apple Truly Design-Build?
Published September 10, 2019 | By

Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China. Apple is in the news every few hours as further information emerges on its upcoming release event. In light of this cultural event and the ripple of electrification it seems to spread through humanity, I asked myself — is Apple Inc. truly design-build? Apple is clearly a… View Article

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The Design Build Show Ep 15 with David Tourjé
Published May 8, 2019 | By

Transcript of Episode 15 David Supple: Alright, welcome to the design build show, we’re starting a new trend where we dress alike. David Tourjé,: That’s right, we design and build wedding uniforms. David Supple: Yeah. David Tourjé,: Yeah, exactly. David Supple: Why are we dressed alike? David Tourjé,: We’re at our friends wedding right now…. View Article

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