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Architectural Design in Boston, MA

At New England Design & Construction, our Boston architects have been designing beautifully functional and award-winning spaces for years. Our architectural design process allows you to visualize and shape your project each step of the way.

We provide concept-to-completion remodeling by offering architecture and design experts who work as a single collaborative team with a dedicated crew of construction professionals.


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New England Design and Construction Architecture Design Process

We take an inclusive approach to architectural design at NEDC. Our architect’s goal when completing your design is to ensure that your vision can be fully realized. We take care of every detail – both before construction and during it – to ensure your project turns out just as imagined on time and on budget.

During your Boston architectural design project, we’ll:

  • Document the existing architecture of your space, creating a canvas where we can execute your vision.
  • Closely collaborate with you to develop house plans, architectural plans, and design drawings.
  • Sketch the details and produce a photorealistic rendering, allowing you to get a sense of your new home before construction begins.
  • Take you shopping through all the possible finishes and materials.
  • Work with you to create a design that is both functional and stunningly beautiful.

We believe every feature of a new room should be both beautiful and functional. We will make your life easier through thoughtful design and construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is architectural design?

Architectural design is the profession of designing architectural spaces to meet the needs of clients. Just like architects, architectural designers use a combination of creativity and design software to create dynamic, beautiful living spaces.

Architectural designers are responsible for documenting your home as it currently exists, and then creating designs that show what could be. Your architectural designer will work within the existing framework of your home to create a new, fully integrated design, so it appears natural, beautiful, modern, and at the same time, like it was meant to be.

Do I need an architectural design for my Boston renovation?

If you’re like many people, your house is your most valuable investment. When you undertake a large project like a renovation or remodel, it’s so important to get the design right. Architects can fill this role, but they often charge more money for the same services. Working with an architectural designer will help you complete your project while you enjoy the same careful services of an architect while paying architectural designer rates.

What are the benefits of working with an architectural designer?

There are many reasons that homeowners choose to work with Boston Architectural Designers.

  • Complimentary in-home evaluation. When you’re working with a Boston architectural designer, it all starts with an in-home evaluation of your space. We’ll ask you questions about your remodeling goals, discuss possibilities that you may or may not have considered, and make proposals for you to evaluate. Following the consultation, we’ll get to work creating a design based on your goals for your space, as described by you.
  • Expertise in architecture and construction. Boston architectural designers provide expertise in both architecture and construction, so it’s easier to meet your remodeling goals. That means that your design will be optimized for the construction professional that you work with, and your Boston architectural design team will be available for questions and edits as needed once the project is complete.
  • One-on-one attention. The only way to ensure that your project will turn out properly is to work one-on-one with an architectural design professional. When you’re working with Boston architectural design services, that one-on-one attention will help ensure that the resulting design is just right for your project.
  • Flexibility. Architectural designers provide design services for all rooms of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, interior and exterior, living room, bedroom and more. Your remodeling goals are what matter when you’re getting Boston architectural design services.

For each of our Boston architectural designs, we’ll develop and deliver the following:

Learn more about our design-driven approach here.


“We love our new kitchen created by NEDC! They were patient and very detail oriented. We truly appreciated the professionalism of every member of the team and would call them again should we ever decide to undergo another renovation.”
– Charlene S


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Our Architectural Design Process in Action


Chestnut Hill, MA Bathroom Architectural Design

For this project, we took an outdated and sparse second bathroom in this Chestnut Hill home and converted it into a well-designed and beautiful bathroom for this family’s 4 children.

The modern bathroom features…

  • • Separate tub and shower areas with shared features and a double vanity extending into the shower area.
  • • Double towel bars to provide ample towel storage for all family members.
  • • Faucets that swing from right to left and an extra large mirror to create flexible preparation areas in the morning.
  • • A shower enclosure with only two walls, leaving an open connection to the bath area.

“We love the bathrooms. We gather there as a family. Never expected that.”

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Newton, MA Kitchen Architectural Design

“The planning process gave us an excellent sense of what the final product would look like, and many useful suggestions were made during the planning stage.”

– The Cohen Family on their Newton kitchen remodel

For the Cohens, we fully gutted their kitchen to create a better flow between the living area and kitchen. We created a warm, inviting, and open space that the heart of the home, rather than a cramped and frustrating work space.

See the entire Newton kitchen remodel.

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Architectural Design Portfolios



See more of our architectural design in action by viewing some of our favorite work in our architectural design portfolios.

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