November 2, 2021

person working on blueprintType A Personality Explained

Have you ever heard someone describe themselves as “Type A”? The concept of Type A and Type B personalities was originally introduced by cardiologists Ray Rosenman and Meyer Friedman in the 1950s. While there are many ways to describe both personality types, Type A personalities tend to be characterized as ambitious, organized, goal-oriented, proactive, and highly interested in achieving tasks according to the deadline. Changes in plan and project delays are particularly frustrating to this personality type. Today, we’ll take a look at why Type A personalities tend to thrive when partnering with design-build firms.

Design-Build Explained

Very often, homeowners assume that home building projects and extensive remodeling projects must be undertaken with the help of two or more separate entities: an architect and a builder, the latter of which often hires multiple subcontractors skilled in particular trades, from plumbers to electricians to stonemasons and more. Ideally, architects bring aesthetically pleasing designs that contractors then bring to life. 

However, there are several potential pitfalls with this approach that we’ll highlight momentarily. Suffice it to say that design-build firms bridge common disconnects between architects and builders by uniting the expertise of both professionals under one roof. Historically, architects were master builders, and design-build firms seek to return to this highly practical model by offering a single source of truth for the full process, from conceptualizing the design to completing all carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other work.

A Match Made in Heaven

The reason Type A personalities love working with design-build firms is that this model gives them greater control over every aspect of the home remodel. Design-build companies provide great accuracy when it comes to the remodeling budget, the process and project details, and the overall construction timeline. In addition, this model comes with a stronger assurance of accountability. 

Why Design-Build Means a Precise Budget

Design-build firms typically follow a precisely designed process for their remodels. At NEDC, for example, our process always begins with a complimentary in-home evaluation in which one of our expert designers discusses your lifestyle and goals, proposes various solutions, and understands your budget requirements. From there, we conduct a pre-design study in which we gain in-depth knowledge of your space, identify any challenges, and draft one or two architectural solutions. Next, we develop and define the design and work with you to make all material and finish selections to guarantee a final budget before construction ever begins.

Because our designers and project managers operate under the same roof, they are both involved in your home remodel from the beginning, which means that any construction challenges are foreseen and accounted for. 

When you work with a separate architect and contractor, on the other hand, budgets often aren’t fully defined or completely accurate because there is often a disconnect in ideating and constructing your design. This means that if you encounter a construction issue, a material shortage, or any other challenge, you’ll need to take your designs back to your architect, which often incurs new expenses before your construction can continue. 

Working with a separate designer and builder means a loose ballpark budget, which will drive a type-A homeowner crazy. But with design-build, homeowners have the ability to fully visualize and control their budget because they can see and analyze each line item in the design, which inspires confidence in the initial budget projections.

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Why Design-Build Means No Surprises

The design-build model also provides great comfort to Type As because the process is thoroughly developed and communicated from the beginning, which reduces an array of surprises, from discovering unexpected water damage in the basement to having subcontractors quit part-way through the project. 

Over time, our design-build firm has created a thorough and successful process that allows us to foresee challenges, align architect and project manager expertise, and provide clients with clear expectations. 3D renderings are shown to clients from the very beginning so that they can visualize and approve designs. In addition, clients have a guaranteed final budget, a timeline for completion, a complete list of selected finishes and costs, and high-resolution renderings of the new home — before construction even begins.

At NEDC, we’re not contractors who design, we’re architects who build. Because our architects and project managers are on the same team and under the same roof, the design-build model allows for a clearly defined process that will give surprise-averse Type As great peace and assurance.

Why Design-Build Means an Accurate Timeline

Another hallmark of the Type A personality is that they are proactive with time management, and this is just another reason they love design-build. Because project managers are involved in the design process, they’re able to point out any possible project challenges and delays due to zoning laws, permitting issues, complex engineering, material shortages, etc. The design-build model fosters an environment in which specialists communicate early and often to foresee and address delays before the process begins and as it develops.

Why Design-Build Means Greater Accountability

Finally, Type As love working with design-build firms because there’s a single source of truth for questions. What can sometimes happen if you’re working with two or more separate entities like an architect and a contractor is that you’re not exactly sure which entity to believe or hold accountable when there are miscommunications, delays, and cost increases. 

When you work with a design-build firm, on the other hand, all experts are on the same team, which means there’s no blame game. Instead, clients have one person to build a relationship with and one company to hold accountable if the project doesn’t develop as expected.

Work with NEDC

If you identify as a Type A personality residing in the greater Boston area and you find it appealing to have a precise budget, a clearly defined project, an accurate renovation timeline, and greater accountability, we welcome you to contact us to set up a virtual design consultation. In the meantime, we invite you to review our full process, read our client testimonials, and view our project portfolio, which encompasses whole home remodels, additions, custom exteriors, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.


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