December 2, 2014

clothespin star on tree

Part 2 of 5 in the $25 Christmas Tree! This is a super easy craft using glue, clothespins, and a little wood stain (optional, or paint another color), with perhaps a ribbon for hanging. 10-20 minute project for about $2. It’s a great homemade Christmas ornament, or just ornament for other denomination’s holidays as well.

The materials for this are very simple:

– 8 clothespins

– glue (any variety works, I used wood glue)

– paint or stain optional

– a ribbon to hang it with

The assembled star took me a total of 10 minutes, and for me it was free as I have clothespins hanging around. Check out a dollar store nearby for a bottle of glue and clothespins for under $2.

Step 1: Disassemble all the clothespins


Step 2: Take the two wood pieces from one clothespin, and glue it back to back. Repeat for all 8 clothespins.

20141202_093550Step 3: Assemble in a star shape. The easiest way to do this is make a cross out of the first four pairs, and then add the additional pairs in-between, like shown:




Step 5 (Optional): Put a wood stain on for a rustic look, add some glitter, or paint a color as whimsy moves you.

Step 6: Tie a ribbon on it and hang! (Or repeat, until you have multiple stars)

clothespin star on tree

This was a fun, easy one. I’m really looking forward to sharing how the whole tree comes together after part 5!


Check out yesterday’s post on Twine Ball decorations for the $25 Christmas Tree part 1.

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